GP Advisory

The fundraising cycle is a continuous process. Our GP Advisory service includes pre-fundraising strategy, documentation, project management and investor relations.

Pre-marketing & PR

We offer a number of services to assist GPs develop their relationship with key LPs. These include assistance in developing a fundraising strategy and organising a pre-fundraising roadshow before launch. With no subsequent obligation to use our placement services, this also provides an economical way for GPs to understand where the LP demand is likely to be, and build a relationship with key investors.

We can also advise you on how to communicate effectively with your current LPs to assist you put in place an effective IR programme.

On the PR side, we can help you build your profile during or ahead of a fundraising by advising on sponsorship of conferences, events and trade publications. We can also assist you in the drafting of articles and press releases.

Examples of pre-marketing & PR services include:

  • A pre-fundraising marketing exercise to build your profile ahead of a raise and to test LP appetite.

  • Referencing with current LPs to gather feedback, assess likelihood of re-upping to next fund, anticipate timing and addressing any areas of concern.

  • We can help you get the very best out of your marketing spend by advising you on the most relevant conferences. We can also assist in the drafting of any published materials.

  • We can screen the LPs, provide detailed background ahead of the meetings, organise the logistics of the meetings, attend in person with you, and subsequently provide detailed notes for follow up.

  • This service can be useful for US GPs to assess LP interest in Europe.

Perfecting your pitch…

We can advise you on your presentation and roadshow preparation, market positioning and track record marketing as well as your marketing documentation and due diligence materials.

Examples of services on perfecting your pitch include:

  • An analysis of your position in the market and your relative strengths and weaknesses versus your competitors.

  • We provide our view of who we believe to be the most relevant LPs and whether they are likely to be early movers, strategic investors or followers.

  • A detailed review of your marketing documentation to provide candid feedback and help you highlight your competitive advantages. We will work with you to prepare a full suite of marketing documents with a consistent narrative threaded throughout.

  • Articulating a complexity in your history such as a change of team, strategy or ownership. We can assist you in formulating a representative track record.

  • Ensuring your historical track record and current portfolio are presented according to accepted market standards, with appropriate deal attribution.

  • We can arrange presentation training and additionally provide you with an opportunity to run your pitch in front of ‘friendly LPs’ – investors close to Ely Place who will offer advice on your pitch before the fund launch.

  • Referencing with current LPs. We can gather feedback from your existing LPs, and report back with a comprehensive report.

  • Assistance in drafting diligence requests. Quality check on responses, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and clarity.