What we do.

Ely Place Partners Limited, “Ely Place” is a specialist adviser in alternative assets. It assists private equity, credit, infrastructure and venture GPs raise capital from institutions in Europe.

It also acts as intermediary on private equity secondary transactions, and as adviser to GPs in the restructuring of funds and the raising of co-invest capital.

In addition to our placement services, we also offer broader GP consultancy advice including pre-fundraising marketing, fundraising strategy, documentation and presentation planning, to DD support, closing tactics and investor relations. Any of these services can be provided either as part of our overall placement service, or on a stand alone basis to complement your existing placement agent or internal IR.

Daniel Roddick on Ely Place.

Daniel Roddick on Ely Place

What’s behind the name?


Ely Place is a small gated street in the City of London, where some of the founding team members were previously based. Winston Roddick QC, our Senior Adviser, who continues to work at the Bar is also a member of Ely Place Chambers.

It is a street steeped in history. Although situated in the heart of London, Ely Place was in fact once an exclave of Cambridgeshire, and originally home to the Bishops of Ely from the 13th Century. A chapel dating from this period still stands on the street and is one of the only surviving buildings in London from the reign of Edward I. Ever since then this little street has been governed independently, outside of the jurisdiction of the City of London. We, at Ely Place Partners, enjoy the analogy between this small independent street in London, and our firm as an independent boutique in the City.