Fund Placement Services

Raising capital for private equity, private debt, infrastructure and technology focused funds from institutions in Europe and the Middle East.

We have worked both with emerging and established managers. We typically act as lead adviser throughout the entire fundraising process from fundraising strategy and documentation to LP introductions, attendance of meetings, DD support and closing assistance. We can also offer bespoke support to a GP’s fundraising, for example on targeted geographies.

Our multi-lingual team cover all the major institutions in Europe and the Middle East. We have a track record of raising capital from all the main countries in the region.

Prior to any fundraising exercise, we agree a detailed marketing plan with you. We give you background information on LPs before the meetings to anticipate questions and to help you tailor your pitch. We always follow up for LP feedback and provide on-going reporting in regular reports.

We have a global network of sub-agents in the US, Asia and continental Europe to ensure deep coverage of all major institutions worldwide. Typically, the appointment of a sub-agent is at no extra cost to our client.

We apply a thoughtful, creative approach to fundraising. In most of our mandates we have been able to capitalise on the secondary market to accelerate the fundraising, eg via ‘stapled’ transactions, or to renew the investor base to those most likely to be supportive for the next fund.

We also offer specialist support in the drafting of marketing documentation and DD materials. Please visit ‘GP Advisory’ for more information.